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Stucco & The Test of Time

Stucco & The Test of Time Stucco has been used for generations and has undergone a few changes in composition and application. While it is an older type of material, it is still used today in many areas. Stucco is a material used in architectural projects for walls and ceilings; it is also used...

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Can Stucco Really Be Repaired?

How A Stucco Contractor Repairs Stucco Stucco is a plaster which is used to finish homes worldwide. However, it is mostly seen in warm and temperate regions as it does help to keep a home cooler. Traditional stucco is made out of limestone and cared for using regular layers of whitewash. Stucco is quite...

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Plaster Repair and Replacement

Most homes have been plastered at one time or another. Dwayne can help you to restore or replace your home’s plaster to its former glory and in so doing even improve the value of your property. If your home has marks or holes in the wall, it is nothing that some good plaster won’t...

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Peace of Mind

Stucco, A growing trend this year has been the rise in the amount of consumers who intend to remain in their dream homes for the foreseeable future, but have recently witnessed “first hand” extensive stucco remediation projects within their neighboring communities. The image of a home with scaffolding, dumpsters and work crews removing rotted...

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